Sewline Trio Eraseable Fabric pencil


The Sewline Trio Colours eraseable fabric pencil comes with a unique 360 degree mechanism for three pencil colours in one. Just hold the clip section and turn the finger grip section and each click will extend a different colour ceramic lead - white, black or pink. This handy fabric pencil means you will have the colour you need, whether marking light, dark or patterned fabrics, no more searching around for the correct marker! Full instructions for use and refilling are included on the packaging.

The fabric lines are easily removed using the eraser attached to the pen, or they can be removed using a standard block eraser - you should always test on a fabric swatch first to ensure the lines can be removed satisfactorily, and always remove the markings before ironing. Washing in warm water with also remove the lines from most fabrics.

Refills can be bought for the Sewline Trio Colours fabric pencil, so you can carry on using it for years to come!

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